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My History with MG Motorsport.

I have been actively involved in MG and Rover Motorsport since 1992, when as Finance Director of Trinity Motors, the MG, Rover and Land Rover dealers in Hinckley & Nuneaton, I also had full responsibility for the Motorsport Programme and would like to give you some further background information on my past Motorsport involvements,

In 1992 and 1993 we entered a Rover 216GTi in the one make championship, with Tamworth Driver Rob Schirle, which later progressed to the Rover Turbo Cup the following year. As a dealer we used the opportunity of the Race meetings to bring along many guests for corporate hospitality giving us a great following and in those years were either Winner or Runner up of the Dealer Awards.

When the MGF Cup was launched in 1998, were able to pre empt the first Race Cars production by building an identical but fully functional Race Car replica based on a 12 month old MGF vvc. My connections gave us sponsorship from FINA and Auto Trader Magazine, which in addition to greater publicity, this increased budget certainly helped us to spend our portion on Promotion, Hospitality and our own Customer Guests rather than just paying for the running of the Race Car. Our Driver in all years of the MGF Cup was Alastair Lyall, of Loughborough who enjoyed many race wins and once again gave us another Dealer Award. For 1999 and 2000 we entered a Second MGF in this championship which was driven by Caterham Champion and long time Rover Racer, Mark Humphrey from Maidenhead, who also brought great success to the Dealer Team.

On each of these occasions the Race cars were built and prepared by Marvin Humphries' Team Tech-Speed Motorsport based near Leamington Spa.

When I left Trinity and started Luffield Cars in November 2000, I purchased the 2 MGF's and although the official Rover Backed Race series was at an end I still continued with Motorsport by entering these cars in the MG Car Clubs continuation series. In 2003 we sold one MGF and purchased an MG ZR Race Car to enter the MGCC events and although we did not enter the full seasons championships we have been a frequent entrant in several races during each the year. The remaining MGF 190 was converted by Mayflower to ''TF' body spec and entered in the 2004 championships.

The Administration of MG Rover in 2005 necessitated me to sell at least one of the MG race cars and perhaps now the wrong choice, but we sold the TF and retained the ZR, often entering selected MG events with myself and fellow Caterham Champion, Mark Humphrey collecting 2 Race wins in 2006 at Silverstone. On many occasions we have had significant customers following for these events, often involving convoys of MG's from our dealership and selected Customer Track Day events.

In addition to circuit racing Luffield were sole sponsors of the MGCC Speed Championship since 2001 and I firmly believe that the exposure we gained by our active involvements with many competitors put us in a good position for enhanced MG Sales & Service benefits.

In 2009 I contacted Marvin Humphries at Tech-Speed Motorsport to discuss building a New MG TF Race Car, built on a brand new TF LE500 shell to a similar specification as the original MGF Cup Cars but using coils / dampers and a wet sump with a view to entering selected races in the MG Car Clubs Trophy Race series in 2009.

This evolved to not just building one cars but we created it’s twin, a second Vibrant Orange MG TF LE500 Trophy 190 and both entered many MG Car Club races, with Mark Humphrey regularly winning races.

David Wood

MG SV - XPower

The Car was initially the 'Luffield MG' Demonstrator, when they were appointed an official MG XPower Dealer. It was then sold in January 2009 but re-purchased by the original owner again in October 2014.

The Chassis number 119, equates to the 14th chassis number combination out of a total of 61 RHD XPower SVs, SV-Ss and SV-Rs that were produced before MG Sport and Racing went into receivership on 12-04-05.

Luffield Cars felt very close to this particular car as I was one of the Dealer Representatives on the MG Sport & Racing Stand at the 2004 NEC Show and spent several days discussing the MG SV cars with potential customers.

I was also one of the founding members and since 2010 have been the website administrator of the MG SV-Club site. This site contains a huge amount of sales details, build records and technical information on the MG SV cars. It also includes an Owners Forum for like minded owners to discuss all aspects and occasional meetings of the Club. It can be found on the web by entering


Launched at the Earls Court Motor Show in October 1962, the MGB is a two-seater sports car manufactured and marketed by the British Motor Corporation (BMC), later British Leyland. The MGB brought MG’s sports cars into the modern day, with its attractive slab-sided roadster body. Remaining in production until 1980 the MGB was Britain’s most successful sports car. The B utilised a monocoque chassis instead of the traditional body-on-frame construction used on both the MGA, MG T-Types and the MGB’s rival, the Triumph TR series. Powered by British Leyland’s 95bhp B-Series engine the MGB offered spritely performance. The MGB also proved itself in the motorsport arena, successfully competing in events such as the Mote Carlo Rally, Spa 1000, Targa Florio and quickly became a favourite of many club racer.

MG TF LE500 190

Built by TechSpeed Motorsport of Leamington Spa in 2009 to specifically comply with the MG Car Club’s Trophy Race Series Class 1A. Using a brand New MG Motor UK Shell, the car was fitted with a totally rebuilt 190 VHPD Engine. The car has only entered a very limited number of Races mainly at the Silverstone and Donington MGCC Race weekends together with a few Track Days.

  • Gearbox – Close Ratio box & LSD.

  • Wheels – Set of 16” & p/w Wets.

  • Roll Cage – Full 8 Point Mounting.

  • Hard Top – Lightweight Fibreglass MG TF Motorsport Hardtop.

  • Battery Isolator / Extinguisher.

  • Electrical Safety Cut out.

  • Race Seat - Sparco Race Seat.

MG ZR 190 Trophy

The MG Trophy series is one of the UK’s best and most enjoyable single make club championships, offering high quality close racing for the front wheel drive MG ZR in 3 classes. Using a specially built shell, produced bt MG Rover in 2003, this has become one of the most popular one make series in the UK. The MG Trophy has produced a number of drivers who have gone on to higher levels of motorsport with ex Trophy driver Jack Goff competing in the BTCC.

Luffield Sponsor MGCC Speed Championship 2001 - 2017

In 2017 the MG Car Club Speed Championship enterd its 17th season with continued sponsorshop from Luffield Cars . The Championship provides club members with access to low cost motor sport in which their cars are competitive. By providing classes for all models of MG (and AH Sprites) with progressive modifications allowed, and with the emphasis on friendly competition, we hope to encourage more club members into affordable motorsport; one day this could be you!

Whether you are new to speed events or a seasoned campaigner there will be something for you in the Championship. All novices should start by reading the excellent beginners guide.

The choice is to compete for trophies in either the Northern Series or the Southern Series Championship. Series events take place mostly north or south of Longbridge respectively but with some common venues such as Silverstone, where drivers score points for their chosen series only. All drivers also compete for the top award, the National Championship, for which points gained at any venue irrespective of its geographical location count. All awards are presented at the North West and South West Centres' Dinners:-

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